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We didn’t want to formally announce the brewery until we had secured a location. This quickly proved to be more Goliath than David. For some reason it seems having a brewery pay you rent is as appealing to some landlords as roadkill (one lady actually hung up on us once we mentioned it was for a microbrewery). The plan was always Birmingham as we have long felt that the Birmingham beer and brewery scene didn’t match our other “big” city counterparts. But there was a period where we nearly signed papers for an attractive unit is Halesowen (borderline Dudley) however upon evaluation of the waste water we found the site utilised a large bio-disc for waste water filtration that fed into river next to the site.

Bio-disc’s use natural bacteria to break down waste. This would of meant the cleaning chemicals we would use in the brewery would end up killing all that natural bacteria, causing the whole system to fail -ultimately causing site waste to flow straight into the river nearby… This golden gem of a revelation happened to occur on the day we were planning on handing over the deposit cheque…

Luckily for us, after a quick conversation with the good people at the Two Towers Brewery, we found out that they’re moving into a unit next door to their pub (the GunMakers arms). So we were presented with an excellent opportunity to move into a location, that was not only in Birmingham City Centre but had already previously jumped through the array of bureaucratic hoops required for a Brewery.

Can’t wait to move in.


Burning Soul Team

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