Hello World we are Burning Soul, pleasure to meet you.

In short, there became a point in our lives where all we wanted to do was make great beer for people to enjoy. For us this brewery has been coming for a very long time (boiler, HLT’s, mash brought in 2014). So thrilled to finally announce it as official. The turning point for me (Chris) happened after I was dangerously ill on a stag do, not from alcohol but internal bleeding, a fact I didn’t really appreciate until after the event. Realising life’s too short to not chase the dream, I’ve decided to put all the chips on the table, so I’ve sold my house and discarded my career for a shot at doing something I love.

Having been a carpenter for the last 13 years, the job I (Rich) always wanted when growing up, I started to want an exciting new challenge. We have been talking about the brewery for years and had the kit in my Nan’s garage for the last 2 years. During this time I was offered an opportunity to work for a local brewery so I could do what I love and make beer. Luckily I realised that this wasn’t the road to the dream before it was too late. If I wanted the creative freedom that I love about brewing we had to do it ourselves. I met some great people and had an intensive hands on brewing experience on big kits but left 3 months later and went full pelt on our dream and now it’s finally becoming a reality.

All this being said we just can’t wait to get brewing and try to make Birmingham proud.


Burning Soul Team

One thought on “Hello World we are Burning Soul, pleasure to meet you.

  1. Di & Pete Murphy Reply

    Good Luck Burning Soul!
    Can’t wait for the opening and first taste of excellent Birmingham beer.

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